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Party DJ at The Tenterden Club

The Tenterden Club

This year I've had the pleasure of working at The Tenterden Club (also known as the Tenterden Working Mens Club).

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Higham Park Canterbury

Higham Park is a former wedding venue in Bridge, near Canterbury. It's steeped in history and was fascinating to visit while I had the opportunity.

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Life as a DJ

The life of a DJ is often viewed as just someone who plays music, but what goes on behind the scenes?

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Behind the scenes of a DJ booth

The DJ booth can be a bit of a mystery; everyone can see the speakers and lights, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the DJ booth?

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Pines Calyx at St Margaret's

Last weekend I was at the Pines Calyx in St Margaret's, on the outskirts of Dover. It offers a unique space for a wedding reception and beautiful gardens.

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How does GDPR affect DJs and the wedding industry?

What do the new data protection regulations mean for DJs and the wedding industry and what do you need to do to be prepared?

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My top 10 Eurodance floor fillers

Top 10 Eurodance

Although I don't play Eurodance at most events, it's been a while since I added a top 10 floor filler blog and it's personal favourite of mine.

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Advice on the cost of a DJ

Average cost of a mobile DJ

The cost of a DJ can vary greatly from a few pounds to thousands, but what is the average cost of a mobile or wedding DJ?

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Band or DJ? My wedding tips to help plan your entertainment

A good debate to spark up amongst DJs or bands is whether couples should book a DJ or a band for the evening entertainment. But which should you choose?

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Best time of year for a wedding

What's the best time of year for a wedding? Traditionally summer has always been the busiest season for weddings but there's a growing shift.

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Your name in lights

As you take to the dancefloor for your first dance would you like your name in lights? Now you can thanks to a new service I've introduced.

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First Dances in 2017

It's become a tradition that each year I provide an update on the songs played for the first dance during the previous year.

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My top 10 Christmas floor fillers for a festive party

Songs a DJ should play at a Christmas party

We're launching into Christmas season (if we haven't already started) and now it's time to start thinking about what music to play at Christmas parties.

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How to choose your wedding venue

Choosing your wedding venue can be a tricky task; trying to find the perfect place for your dream day. But what do you need to look out for?

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What licence does a mobile DJ need?

It can be very confusing trying to work out what licences a DJ needs or indeed if any are even required.

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