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Blog - Band or DJ? My wedding tips to help plan your entertainment

Posted: Saturday 10th March 2018 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 2 mins Views: 4358

A good debate to spark up amongst DJs or bands is whether couples should book a DJ or a band for the evening entertainment. But which should you choose?

I would like to put the argument forward that it shouldn't be a choice between either booking a DJ or a band; you choice should be based on what you want from the evening and probably will require both.

Ultimately there isn't a right or wrong answer as to whether DJs or bands are better than the other. There are some very good DJs and bands as well as some - shall we say - 'poor' DJs and bands out there.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. And both sides will tell horror stories about the other. My personal opinion is that it ultimately comes down to the personalities involved (in other words, how much of an ego they have).

Before you jump into making a decision I would highly recommend thinking about what will work for you and what you want. There's no point booking a classical orchestra if you want to be dancing to 90s dance music. Equally there's no point booking a DJ that specialises in hip hop if you want 70s rock n roll.

Making a few generalisations, as no band or DJ are the same:

1. As bands play live music they generally create a livelier atmosphere in my experience, however they are sometimes limited to the genre/type of music they are used to. Whereas a DJ can often play a wide variety of music across most (if not all) genres. DJs are generally more open to accepting requests than bands.

2. Costs can also be a factor in deciding between the two. Generally speaking the more people that are involved the more it will cost, but in both sectors the costs vary greatly so it's not fair to say one is cheaper than the other.

3. Often bands will play for a limited amount of time only, I find it tends to be two sets of 45-60 minutes with a 30 minute break in the middle. DJs are more used to playing all night long.

My recommendation is that you should consider what will work best for you and your guests. And if you decide you do want a band to consider complimenting them with a DJ to fill in the remaining time.

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