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Blog - Behind the scenes of a DJ booth

Posted: Wednesday 8th August 2018 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 2 mins Views: 4536

The DJ booth can be a bit of a mystery; everyone can see the speakers and lights, but have you ever wondered what goes on behind the DJ booth?

Wedding DJ setup

The DJ is usually the obvious one to spot in the room; the one with the lights and speakers to one side! Of course, there's more to DJing than just what you see (or don't see) behind the decks.

No DJ setup will be the same (or very few!) with everyone choosing different equipment and ways to assemble it. Overall the principles will be the same; that there will be some form of playout device (the music player), mixing desk, amplifier, speakers, stands and lights. And lots of cables!

The setup I run, as pictured above, has the Denon MCX8000 as the masterpiece of the setup, which allows me to control and play the music. The controller element to this - the two sections either side of the mixing desk in the middle - allows me to select and play the music. On this model I can use either the USB stick or a computer to play the music from. The controls are mirrored on both sides so allow the DJ to be using two players simultaneously.

The mixer allows adjustments to the volume for each track to suit the mix. Although mixing desks often look complicated the controls (such as treble and bass filters) are repeated for each channel.

This is then plugged into the amplifier, which connects to the speakers to produce the sound. Thankfully these are relatively straightforward for the most part; the power switch and volume controls are easy enough to understand. Some speakers have the amplifiers built in so there isn't a separate device to setup and plugin.

Stands/booths come in all sorts and sizes. I invested in a Paladin case booth a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. The console becomes its own carry case so it's easy to transport.

The speakers and lights are the more obvious ones that everyone tends to spot. There are plenty of different shapes and sizes for these, each with their own merits.

So there you have it, a whistle-stop tour behind the DJ booth.

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