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Blog - Pines Calyx at St Margaret's

Posted: Thursday 14th June 2018 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 3894

Last weekend I was at the Pines Calyx in St Margaret's, on the outskirts of Dover. It offers a unique space for a wedding reception and beautiful gardens.

Wedding DJ at the Pines Calyx in St Margaret's

This beautiful venue is set just up the hill from St Margaret's Bay and boasts a wonderful garden area perfect for your wedding photos and for kids to burn off their energy.

The main function area is hidden from sight from the road as the roof is covered in vegetation (reminding me of the Teletubbies set). Everything about the venue is dedicated to providing a sustainable area with some of the panelling made from recycled yoghurt pots (which I though was novel and actually looked good!).

The venue is split over two floors but thankfully for us DJs the main function room is downstairs. This allowed me to setup while the guests were enjoying their meal upstairs, so I was ready as soon as they had finished.

The venue is subject to a 85db speed limit so the music can't be too loud - while this is sufficient for smaller parties it would disappoint the bass junkies.

Music has to be finished at 10.30pm so it's not a venue of choice for anyone wishing to 'party the night away'. But if that's not your thing then you can enjoy a peaceful day in quiet garden of England - made even more peaceful by the lack of a mobile phone signal is this area of St Margarets.

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