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Transforming a venue with uplighting

Proud member of The Wedding Chaps

Venue Lighting

As you walk into your wedding venue that sense of pride as you realised you've absolutely nailed your wedding theme, with the addition of the wedding colours lighting up the walls around the venue.

The lights and sound set up were incredible and provided the perfect atmosphere for our wedding reception

Gemma and Adam - Wedding at the Little Silver Country Hotel, Tenterden

I can help you transform your venue into your perfect wedding venue with the addition of coloured lighting around the room.

Wedding Theme Colours

Once you've chosen the colours for your wedding theme, why not consider adding colour to the walls of your venue?

It's a simple effect that can transform the venue, by either matching the colour scheme or complimenting with another shade.

Wedding venue colour theme

Wedding venue colour theme

Royal blue wedding venue colour theme

Wedding venue colour theme

Red wedding venue colour theme

Wedding venue colour theme

Prices start from just £250 if you've already booked me as your wedding DJ or from £350 if I'm not your wedding DJ.

Last modified: 23 November 2023 at 14:47