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Kent Wedding Host

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Wedding ceremony music production

I've always enjoyed operating a sound system, even at school I was always running the sound or lighting in the school hall.

While some wedding venues have a sound system, it's usually not their area of expertise. And many don't enjoy providing the music, in fact some will pass this over to one of your guests to control.

Ceremony music was played exactly as requested and planned

Chris & Ali - Wedding at Chilham Village Hall in Kent

Wedding Host and DJ at Reach Court Farm in Dover

Music as your guests arrive

It's often seen as tradition to have classical music playing as your guests arrive. Yes it's nice, but there is another way.

The groom will be nervous waiting for his wife-to-be to arrive, let's help calm those nerves with some 'man music'. A nice upbeat playlist will set the tone for the day ahead.

Having Andrew there meant that the music flowed in the ceremony making it even more special

Emma & Gary - Wedding at Reach Court Farm in Dover

Music for the ceremony

Just before the bride enters, why not have a special request for the groom. It'll be the one song that the groom doesn't know about and let him know that you're ready to walk down the aisle.

When you're walking down the aisle, the range of emotions will be high. Let's get the music right to help you enjoy this moment with the song timed perfectly; no sudden stopping but a nice smooth fade out.

While you're busy signing the papers, let's play a couple of songs to keep the guests happy and avoid any awkward silences.

The grand finale

You've tied the knot and now about to walk down the aisle as a married couple. We need something powerful and uplighting as you leave the ceremony area.

We continue the music as you and your guests enjoy a glass of fizz and canapes until we're ready for your wedding breakfast.

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