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Blog - My top tips for venues with sound limiters to help your event

Posted: Friday 3rd August 2012 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 5944

When you book a venue it's always worth checking if there is a sound limiter in use to make sure you're not disappointed during the party.

Tips on wedding venues with a sound limiter

These devices monitor the sound levels in the room and if the volume goes above a set limit, it cuts the power supply to the DJ area.

If you book a venue with a sound limiter don't expect the music to be too loud. The DJ will have to work within the limits, which if the sound limiter has been setup properly, shouldn't cause too much disruption.

The sound limiters usually operate on a traffic light system, giving an amber warning before hitting the "red" zone and cutting the power. But it's not just the speakers that can trigger the sound limiter, it's the overall noise in the room. So if everyone is shouting or stamping their feet on the dance floor, that could also trigger the limiter.

It's always worth double checking with the venue if they have a limiter. And, if they do, check what the limit is. If you've put a lot of effort into planning the evening you don't want it ruined because you can't have loud music if that's what you want.

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