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Blog - Will your wedding DJ look smart?

Posted: Wednesday 15th June 2022 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 2 mins Views: 1425

You walk into your beautifully decorated wedding venue and wow, your guests will comment on how perfect everything is. But will your wedding DJ look smart?

Wedding Tips: Will the DJ look smart?

Most wedding DJs take pride in their equipment and how they look.

There have been vast improvements in technology over recent years, meaning the equipment we use looks great as well as being functional. There are many different types of booths available that make a wedding DJ look smart, including Palladin and the Cosmopod booths (both made by DJs in Kent).

There's no longer a need for massive speaker stacks for most functions, with smaller systems developed that still pack a punch, when needed.

The rise of the rustic look has also been embraced by DJ equipment. Rustic booths are popular with many DJs and some have gone further, such as Brian Mole with his fantastic VW Campervan booth (and Brian's is the real deal!).

One of the advantages of my Palladin booth is that I have the option of having a black or white covering, allowing me to adapt to the wedding venue and wedding theme.

Then there's lighting. While I have a massive overhead rig capable of holding dozens of lights, I find that most bride & grooms aren't looking for a mobile nightclub spoiling their wedding theme. And do you really want flashing lasers during your first dance? I like to use a selection of lights that subtly fill the room without being over the top, something that wedding photographers appreciate to help them capture those perfect shots of your first dance.

So, before you book your wedding DJ, it's worth considering how they will look and how they will complement your wedding theme.

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