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Blog - Background music

Posted: Sunday 8th May 2016 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 6728

I often play background music before the main evening party which can be during the wedding breakfast or simply once I've setup and ready for the first dance.

It's an interesting chance to play a wider variety of music that everyone likes including those songs that everybody likes but don't want to get up and dance to.

I often use the time playing background music to test the water and see what gets the crowd going; find out which songs get the feet tapping or heads bopping.

There's no set rule for me as to what I will play, I'll adjust the music to suit the requests I've already received and play any that are requested.

I have a default playlist I have created to get me started but quickly adjust the music once I've finished setting up. This is a mixture of recent popular songs to classics from the last few decades, all mixed up together.

Oddly, I quite enjoy playing background music as it allows me to dig out a much wider variety songs, without having to consider if they're too slow for people to dance to. Or perhaps dig out a megamix if I get the opportunity to wander around to speak to the guests.

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