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Blog - Request Lists

Posted: Monday 15th November 2010 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 5024

I always ask for request lists for each event, they're a useful tool for me to use if compiled sensibly.

To make sure I play the right version of a song it helps if requests are specific; let me know the artist and track title. If you want the songs played at any particular time please specify, the most obvious being the first dance.

Something else to consider is what music you don't want played. This can be an important list, after all we don't want to play a song that will upset people. A song that was played at a family members funeral or used as a first dance for a previous marriage would be inappropriate so it's best I'm aware of any such issues!

But don't go crazy, the last thing I want is a list full of music that only a couple of people will like and no-one else will dance to. If it is assumed that every track lasts 3 minutes then each hour I'll be playing 20 tracks an hour. A must play list of 200 songs for a 4 hour party is unachievable.

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