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Blog - Being prepared for the unknown to keep events running

Posted: Tuesday 1st March 2016 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 4587

I was chatting to a bride and groom recently and they asked about my contingency plans. A fair question, the DJ not turning up will certainly cause an issue.

The simple answer is that I have plenty of backup equipment and a network of DJs that I know and trust to cover me in the unlikely event that I cannot make a function.

I always apply the moto "failing to plan is planning to fail". Granted you cannot prepare for every single eventuality, I'm not sure what I'd do in the event of a meteorite strike - I suspect we'd all have more important issues to worry about there.

But by having a range of measures in place I have options if something were to go wrong. A few years ago I undertook a review of my equipment to determine the single points of failure and have made sure that I can mitigate these risks. From having a backup amplifier in case one fails to a supply of spare bulbs (and a screwdriver) in case a light stops working.

Over the last ten years I have had equipment fail on me, but thankfully my backup arrangements have work and it's never affected the guests as I've been able to carry on. As Queen sang "the show must go on".

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