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Blog - Contingency Plans

Posted: Monday 18th February 2013 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 4979

It's always important to plan any event, from the basics of what time to arrive to the worst case scenarios.

The first part is easy, I always ask what the start time is so that I can work out what time I need to arrive. Simples!

But what about the unknowns? That's trickier. If there's a problem with the amplifier, I switch to the spare. Vehicle breaks down, that's covered by breakdown cover. But what if I'm unwell?

That's where being a member of the South Eastern Discotheque Association becomes a valuable tool in my box. If I can't make an event, for whatever reason, there's a network of DJs that I trust to deliver a good service that I can rely upon.

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