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Blog - Is it worth using a cheap DJ?

Posted: Monday 16th May 2011 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 3 mins Views: 5773

When people are looking for a DJ, most people don't find out what services the DJ offers - the only question asked is usually "how much is a DJ?"

Very few people ever ask anything else; they assume that all DJs are the same. Some points that people forget is that each DJ will offer different services or levels of experience:

What will the DJ offer?
I offer a range of different services that you can have, from turning up early to setup in advance to just turning up and playing.

How much experience does a DJ have?
I have been a wedding DJ for 7 years and worked on hospital radio for 4 years. My interest in the sound & light aspect started before this and led to me becoming a mobile and radio DJ.

What equipment will the DJ use?
I have spent time and money investing in my equipment choosing speakers that produce a nice sound and look smart. The lights are computer controlled so I can set them to go wild like a nightclub or calm them down to produce a nice atmosphere for occasions such as the first dance. All my equipment is tidied away using my deck stand to make sure that it won't look out of place or untidy.

Despite my best efforts at choosing the right equipment, I am still prepared for disco equipment failure so if something does go wrong I can still do my job as DJ and keep the party going.

Will the DJ play your requests?
Not all DJs will play the music that you want, some will play they music that they want (or think that you want). I have an online request system that allows you to request your music in advance and I'll take requests from guests on the night.

Will the DJ use the microphone?
I will use the microphone to make announcements that you want me to make. If you want a chatty DJ then I have several years of experience from hospital radio of talking between tracks but I find that most people don't want this from a mobile DJ, we've all seen the Peter Kay DJ!

Will the DJ use booking forms?
Getting written confirmation of a booking is beneficial to both the DJ and the client. I create booking forms for all my events to confirm all of the arrangements to avoid mistakes being made (such as the wrong day). Would you want to book a venue that wouldn't confirm your booking?

I invest my time with any booking that I get; it's not a simple case of turning up and playing music for the number of hours that a client wants. It takes time to setup and transport the disco equipment to and from the venue. The admin side also takes up time, managing my bookings and keeping in contact with my clients.

So when asking for quotes, please don't just make your decision based on the cost of a DJ, consider what you get for your money as well.

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