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Blog - Wedding Survey Results

Posted: Monday 7th March 2011 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 2 mins Views: 6063

It's always interesting to read advice from other people, especially when planning something as important as your wedding day.

A survey of brides in the UK has revealed some interesting facts and figures:

Couples spend a great deal of time choosing the dress, venue, cake, photographer and rings but seem quite happy to opt for the first DJ that they come across thinking "well it's only putting a few records on so what can go wrong with that".

The answer is simple, we can make or break a wedding if we don't do our job correctly or don't have enough experience to get a party on track if something goes wrong.

Are you willing to take the chance with the large investment in time and money that becomes your special day?

That's why I will meet with you in advance to discuss what you want and make sure that you gain the most out of your evening and make it one to remember.

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