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Blog - How many songs should you add to your request list?

Posted: Thursday 17th November 2022 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 1115

Playing the right songs for your wedding is important, isn't it? If you're thinking about requesting music, how many songs should you add to your request list?

You know you've had a good party when all your guests comment on how much fun they had dancing.

It's tempting to write a long list of all the songs you like and send it to your DJ. But will that lead to the perfect party?

I advise my clients to limit the number of songs to those that you really want, the songs you'd be disappointed if they weren't played.

Having a long list of music defined in advance doesn't factor in the mood on the evening. It's also worth bearing in mind the audience, writing a list of your favourite songs may not please all your guests. So think about what they will want to dance to as well.

As a DJ I find it useful to get a steer on the types of music that will likely get people dancing in advance. However, having a long list can be counterproductive as I can end up spending more time concentrating on the request list than watching the dance floor and reading the mood of the room.

I recommend you come up with a list of up to ten songs that are your absolute must haves. After that, a few key genres you want is a good steer.

And a final point, it's really useful to know if there are any songs that have a bad memory for the family. Not a list of songs you don't like but others might, songs that might have been played at a funeral as an example.

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