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Blog - Wedding themes from 2021

Posted: Tuesday 19th April 2022 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 1639

During 2021 I was impressed by all of the wedding themes I came across, here's a snapshot of a few of them to help if you're looking for inspiration.

Wedding themes from 2021

For me, I noticed the colours and floral themes last year. Red and purple were popular colours that really transformed the venue. And the floral themes continue to look elegant.

The 2021 wedding season kick-started with a purple theme and this looked great. This was repeated at other weddings using chair bows and table decorations to add colour to the reception venue.

Another colour that stood out was red. This striking colour was a powerful colour that transformed the venue. With my mood lighting I am able to add your wedding colours to the venue walls to add that extra wow factor to your wedding reception.

The floral theme is a timeless and beautiful theme with so many different variations that you can use. From filling the venue with fresh flowers to using artificial with LED lights, the floral themes really bring venues to life. The artificial flowers and trees are very realistic and look fantastic, particularly when lit up at night.

What wedding themes will we see in 2022?

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