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Blog - Top tips on choosing a wedding DJ

Posted: Wednesday 28th October 2020 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 3 mins Views: 3602

Planning your dream wedding day requires you to know a lot about the wedding industry. Here I give some top tips on booking a wedding DJ.

Top tips on choosing a wedding DJ

My biggest tip is to book your wedding DJ as soon as you can! If you leave the DJ to the last minute you risk not being able to book the wedding DJ of your choice. The evening is something that your guests will likely remember and you want it to be the perfect finish to your perfect day so it's worthwhile booking a DJ that will be able to deliver this and not the only one you could find who was still available.

A good thing to consider before you start looking is what you want from your DJ:

  1. What sort of music do you want?

  2. Are you expecting a certain look from the equipment?

  3. What sort of performance do you want from your DJ?

  4. How much is your budget?

1. Music is the arguably the biggest part for the DJ. Get the music wrong and it can spoil the evening but get it right and it'll be the wedding reception you've always dreamed of (or better). If there's a particular genre you like it's worth checking that your DJ can play this. And it's worth checking what the DJ specialises in, if you book a DJ that specialises in line dancing and you want 90s then you might find the evening a disappointment. A good question to ask is whether they take requests or not. Some DJs will refuse to play requests and will stick to music they choose, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but depends on how much input you have in advance. I have an online music request system for you and your guests to use in advance, which I find useful to gain an insight into the type of music liked.

2. If you've got a specific theme for your wedding it's worth thinking about how your DJ's equipment will look like. There are some DJs with a themed setup - such as a rustic theme - that can really blend in with your theme. My DJ booth comes with either a black or white front, helping it blend into most themes.

3. It's worth considering the type of DJ, such as how much talking they do on the microphone. As a radio DJ I'm used to waffling between tracks, however I find this doesn't work at a wedding and approach the performance completely differently. On the other extreme, some DJs will refuse to talk on the microphone and miss out on a great tool to interact with your guests.

4. My final point was about budget as this will be important for you - but it's worth considering this having already factored in the points above. The cost of a DJ will vary widely, from under £100 to over £1k. The price alone doesn't determine how good a DJ is so it's worth asking what are you getting for your money. And more crucially, what do you want?

My final wedding tip for you incorporates all of the above points. And that is to communicate with your DJ; explain what you want and listen to their advice. The more you talk the more the easier it will be for you and the better outcome for everyone.

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