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Blog - Best time to serve the buffet at a wedding

Posted: Wednesday 23rd September 2020 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 2 mins Views: 4220

When planning your wedding day you'll have lots of decisions to make. Here I give my suggestions on what time to serve the evening buffet.

Best time to serve the buffet at a wedding

The first thing I'd suggest is to consider the timings of things like the first dance and the end of the night and remember that timings may well slip. While moving the first dance back doesn't affect me as a wedding DJ, it's worth considering whether the buffet can also be pushed back. If the caterers are cooking food they may have already started and therefore unable to delay serving the food.

Serving the buffet too soon after the first dance means you risk everyone getting up to dance and then soon after leaving to grab some food. Leaving it too late into the evening and your guests might not be as interested or already started ordering takeaways.

There is a lot of advice around nutrition that you shouldn't eat after 8pm. However, I think it's perfectly acceptable to take the view that it's your special day. And you can all use the excuse that you need the energy for dancing.

I often find that 9pm strikes a happy balance. In one of my previous blogs I recommend the best time for the first dance being around 8pm, which allows plenty of time before everyone starting to dance and plenty of time before the end of the night.

By planning the buffet for this time also means your wedding DJ can factor this into the evening's music and can even allow this as a brief break for the dance floor for a few requests or slow dances.

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