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Blog - Top tips on choosing your wedding music

Posted: Wednesday 15th April 2020 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 2 mins Views: 4036

I've produced a few blogs with music suggestions for weddings and parties. Now I wanted to tackle whether you should create a playlist for your wedding DJ?

Thoughts on what to request at a wedding

I like to ask the bride and groom for a flavour of the music that they and their guests like. This helps to make sure that I start off on the right foot playing the type of music that is likely to get your guests dancing and enjoy the night.

But thinking about music in advance can be counter-productive and have the opposite effect. If you're thinking about creating a request list you must think about which songs your guests will like and dance to. It's also worth bearing in mind how much music can actually be played; if the average length of songs is 4 minutes, you can only have 15 songs per hour.

It's easy to hear and song that you like and think it'd be great to hear it at your party, but often it's a different context. A song played on the radio that you sing along to might not be the right choice for a wedding reception with all your family and friends wanting to dance.

I can easily write down a long list of music I'd like to hear at a party, but realistically I know that it wouldn't matter if the vast majority weren't played.

My advice is to consider the music that you like. Then review that list at a later date and ask what music do you really love, what songs would really make a difference to your wedding. It might be far more suitable to have some of the songs you like but won't work in the evening as part of your background music during the meal, which can set the tone for the evening.

I have an online music request system that you and your guests can use to help you choose the music. You can add requests as you think of them and then nearer the time you can sift through them to select you top tracks that you'd like played.

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