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Blog - Music editing to help enhance the music at your event

Posted: Sunday 29th October 2017 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 1 mins Views: 6577

Are you looking for some music editing but don't know where to start? I've helped couples merge songs for their first dance and even edited a drama production.

I can help provide editing for a range of uses including montages for fashion shows or theatre plays, audio for radio stations or even edits for competitions/events.

I've been involved with hospital and community radio for over 10 years and built up experience of editing audio files over that time.

Recently I worked with an Ashford theatre group to produce a comedy sketch that they had written. Once they had recorded their sections I pulled the clips together and added in the effects and music to bring the story to life.

I've also produced a montage of various songs for a children's Diwali fashion show held in Ashford. The organisers had chosen the songs they wanted to use and which parts of the songs. I edited these down and agreed how to blend them together, looping one song to make it last longer.

Last year I was asked to produce a customised CD to be used as background music during a wedding breakfast. The added twist was the bride and groom asked me to add short bursts of some well known songs into the mix that was then used as a party game through the afternoon.

As well as producing live shows for radio, I've also recorded several including some from a temporary studio at home (when my children like to join in the fun). Pre-recorded shows are generally recorded 'as live' so that the listener isn't aware that the show was recorded, which is odd not being able to specify the time of day.

Prices start from £30 for a 2 minute piece but will vary depending on the time taken to produce the clip, which usually depends on the complexity of the audio required.

If you're looking for some editing or want some more information please contact me.

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