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Blog - How to become a mobile DJ

Posted: Wednesday 30th August 2017 By: Andrew Broughton | Read Time = 2 mins Views: 4267

A lot of people would like to become a mobile DJ. Having spent ages practicing, how do you turn that dream into a reality?

There's no set route into becoming a mobile DJ. Some people choose to work with an established DJ to learn the ropes, similar to being an apprentice. Others choose to jump in at the deep end.

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I started almost by accident. At school I was always interested in the sound and lighting for drama and was always fascinated by all the equipment mobile DJs had.

After I'd left school I started volunteering at my local hospital radio and gained a lot of music knowledge by playing the various requests. And still do even to this day!

So what would I advise anyone wishing to become a DJ to do?

Research is the number one tip for me. Think about the music you like and the types of functions most appropriate for you. There aren't many weddings that will just want R&B for example, so you might be better targeting yourself towards birthday parties or clubs.

Look into what DJ groups there are around you. I've been a member of SEDA for many years and find the experience of meeting and chatting to other DJs invaluable. Forums are also good for this - I've bounced many ideas off other DJs on the forum before it closed.

Seriously consider the equipment to buy before you start buying anything. Don't make the mistake of getting the cheapest equipment or the decks that you really want. Think about what your typical gig will be and then think about whether that equipment will be appropriate or not. Things to think about are how long it will take to setup the items, how they will look in your setup and how long they will last.

I've chosen the equipment I used to make sure that it always looks smart as I know bride and grooms don't want a DJ with cables hanging everywhere and massive speakers ruining the perfect look they've chosen for their venue. I've spent a lot of time working on reducing the time taken to setup my equipment.

Getting gigs isn't easy, you need to spend time building yourself a reputation and that won't come overnight. Don't be tempted to offer cheap gigs as you'll gain a reputation as a cheap DJ, which is fine if that's what you want but not if you want to earn money.

Concentrate on building your reputation and your hard work will pay off if you're patient.

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